'16 VQA Harbour Sunrise (1) $12.95 750 ml. Coming Soon Vidal Chardonnay
Fresh nose of citrus, mandarin orange, rose and hints of minerality. Subtle sweetness is balanced wonderfully with a zesty orange/citrus acidity. Lots of tropical flavours fill your mouth as you enjoy this wine. Great on it's own or with appetizers, seafood, or light pasta dishes.

'13 VQA Chardonnay (0) $15.95 750 ml
The wine boasts, butter scotch, orange blossom, and mandarin orange, with hints of flint, green apple and herbs. Slightly oily on the palate, with a pleasant softness. Subtle green apple acidity is well balanced with fruit and body.
Wonderful with cream sauce, pasta dishes or on it's own!


'14 VQA Riesling (0) $14.95 750 ml
Fresh, ripe lime and other citrus fruits. Subtle honey and mineral aromas are noticeable. Soft, yet fresh and lively on the palate. Good length. A dry Riesling.  Great with appetizers, salads or on it's own.


'14 VQA Riesling (0) $14.95 750 ml



'17 VQA Harbour Sunset (1) $15.95 750 ml
Riesling / Merlot /Sauvignon Blanc

A sexy blush style rose. Strawberry and citrus jump from the glass with a refreshing acidity and subtle sweetness.

A must have on the patio!



'16 VQA Harbour Midnight(0) $12.95 750 ml
Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot
Powerful nose, with rich black fruits, smoke, eucalyptus, mint and anise. Soft on the palate, with a delicate richness. Blackberries, subtle blueberries and spice are noticeable. A truly elegant wine.


'16 VQA Cabernet Sauvignon (0) $15.95 750 ml
Spice, smoke, cassis, subtle raspberry andanise. Medium bodied, light tanninsand long pleasing finish. Enjoy with red meat.


'15 VQA Cabernet (0) $18.95 750 ml
Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc/Merlot
Slightly smokey nose. Black fruit, berry jam and tobacco are also prominent. Medium to full bodied, full of fruit flavours and extremely pleasing on the palate. Hints of mineral, fresh black cherries and under-ripe black raspberries.


'17 VQA Baco Noir (0) $15.95 750 ml


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